Why Pineapple Hill?

The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since the days of the early American colonies. According to legend, the symbol began with the sea captains of New England who would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside their home to let the community know of their safe return home and to invite friends to visit and share their hospitality.

Likewise, we hope Pineapple Hill Designs boutique will make you feel “Welcome”! We know how important it is to find something special for that certain someone or just the right accessory to complete a room. We believe everyday is a day to celebrate, and we have just the thing to help you create something special out of the ordinary.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Summer Ideas with Watermelon!

Using an oblong watermelon, slice ¼ inch off the bottom lengthwise to provide a stable base. Use a pencil to draw lines for handle placement and basket opening.
Cut the handle first, wide enough to hold stars, then make zig-zag cuts with a paring knife, all the way through the rind (be careful to not cut through handle base on either side). Carefully remove sections, pull out large chunks of flesh, and cut them into 3” x 3" squares. From squares, trim off 3/4" thick slices to use for cutting out stars. To cut stars use 1 1/2" to 3" star shaped cookie cutters. Next, cut out 5 large star shaped pieces from the left-over rind,
(use a paring knife if necessary), for the handle. Trim off red flesh and attach to basket handle with white side out with half toothpicks. Use an ice cream scoop to remove flesh from inside of basket and cut scoops into quarters for the fruit salad. Place in bottom of the basket. Use a white fleshed melon such as ripe honeydew to cut out white "stripes" for salad. Garnish top of fruit salad with watermelon stars, melon stripes, and blueberries.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

3 More Days to Order.........

Don't forget, two of our Koozie styles are retiring at the end of this month. So sad! This month will be the last month we're taking orders for the Ribbon Koozies and Water Bottle Koozies.

Order Now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Merry Measuring Cups

We're still celebrating
Christmas in Jul
Pineapple Hill Designs!
Last year one of our most popular items was the
  "Snowman Measuring Cups".
Our first order just came in. They are adorable!
Snowman Measuring Cups

Merry measuring cups!
Our handpainted ceramic stacking snowman
includes measuring cups from 1/8 to 1 cup.
Hand wash. (6-1/4") Cute and pracitcal.
This set is made of Stoneware.
Dishwasher safe (5-pc. set)
Great Hostess Gift or Teacher Gift

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pineapple Hill Blog Contest

Win a Pineapple Hill Designs Gift Certificate! To enter your name for our drawing:

*Visit our site and tell us what your favorite product is and why. (1 point)
(one favorite product per week)
*Post a comment on our blog . (1 point) (You can post more than one comment on separate post entries.)Drawing will take place and Winner will be announced August 20th.
Earn Extra Points:
* Add this contest to your blog (3 points)
*Add Pineapple Hill Designs to your side bar. (5 points)

E-mail ( pineapplehilldesigns@gmail.com ) or Post the link to let me know where to find it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Do!

We just got these adorable Glitter Words "I Do". They are perfect to use as favors or to embellish a gift for the new "Bride to Be or Wedding Couple. Acutally, the possibilities are endless: Post your ideas and be entered in our new drawing! Winner receives a Pineapple Hill Designs gift certificate.

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Christmas in July

It's our annual Christmas in July celebration! This year get a head start on your shopping so you can truly enjoy the Christmas Season with your family and friends. Any of our pre-order items will be shipped to you free of charge. One of the featured artist is Lori Mitchell. Lori Mitchell was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Lori has always been inspired by children's themes and literature, old illustrations and toys. In 1999 she began making her first paper mache pieces for the folk art world and has never looked back. Full of whimsy and charm, her characters have won a place in the hearts and collections of folk art enthusiasts worldwide. Lori has been featured in Country Living, Mary Englebreit and other magazines. We are very excited to bring Lori's whimsical designs to Pineapple Hill.

Check out our Preppy Stockings , Christmas Quilts and Personal Children's Clothing in our fabulous "Christmas Boutique". We are so excited about some new items that we'll be adding so check back often! See all of our New Items, updated daily!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Patriotic Door Mat

An easy-to-make addition to the front door, this festive doormat is perfect for last-minute Fourth of July decorating. The technique calls for little more than a basic doormat, paint, tape, and our downloadable star-stencil template. For best results, use a sturdy, coir doormat (available at hardware stores), which will withstand the elements and a lot of foot traffic, so it can be used year after year. Tools and Materials: Star-stencil template Manila folder or lightweight cardboardPencilSturdy, coir doormat with sides taped Painter's tape Low-tack tape

Long ruler T-square (optional) Bowl of straight pins Blue and red oil paint Paint thinner Paintbrushes Jar of mineral spirits Clean rags Patriotic Doormat How-To: 1. Download and print the star-stencil template, or create your own. Trace the template onto a manila folder or lightweight cardboard, and cut out three star shapes. Create a rectangular box on the doormat using painter's tape. Use 2-inch low-tack tape to make a side border. Place the tape vertically and flush to the edge. Measure 6 inches from the top and bottom on each side; mark with pencil. Position tape horizontally along these measurements. (You should now have a taped-off box. You'll need to adjust the measurements, depending upon the size of your mat.) 2. Once the tape is affixed, position the stars on the mat. Find the center point, and place the first start on it. Place the remaining two stars 1 1/2 inches to either side of the center star. Tack them in place with straight pins. (Again, the spacing will depend on the size of your mat.) 3. Make a mixture of 1 pint of blue oil paint to 1 tablespoon paint thinner. Lightly dab and rub the paint into the mat. (It's better to do two light coats than one heavy one.) Let dry for a couple of hours. Apply a second coat, and once the paint has dried, remove the tape. 4. To create the stripes, place a strip of 2-inch tape along the bottom and top of the blue rectangle. Place additional tape along the bottom and top of the mat, flush with the edge. In the space remaining, paint the stripes red. Let dry, and apply a second coat. When dry, peel off tape, and remove the stars. Compliments of : Martha

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Savings Code Ends Today

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Garden Party

Heaven only knows we are spending countless hours looking at Wedding Magazines for our upcoming Pink and Green Wedding! One of our favorite's is Wedding Style Guide! There is a story on a Garden Party Bridal Shower that is so wonderful. Of course, it doesn't quite go with our Pink and Green Affair but wouldn't it be a fun party for all the girls!
I've added our adorable Topiaries to enhance the theme.
Style Guide even includes a FREE Download for the Invitiations, Tags and Signs.

Of course, here in Houston, we'll need to wait until October or Spring Time to survive the heat. I think I'll have to do this next spring. Girlfriends get ready!
We downloaded the pink Recipe Card Template for Kayley's Bridal Shower. They are so cute!