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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Candies

Are you looking for some new candy recipes
to serve your guests during the holidays
and give as gifts to friends and neighbors?
(pictures from Martha Stewart)

Here You Go

Just click on the name of the CANDY to see the recipe.

2 Minute Microwave Fudge 5 Minute Fudge 7 Layer Bars Aaron's Buttery Cashew Brittle Almond Bark Amanda's Peppermint Creams Ann's Cream Nut Candy Bavarian Inn Peanut Bars Beth's Delicious Fudge Brownie Fudge Dessert Buckeyes Buckeyes Butter Toffee Candied Yams Candy Bar Brownies Candy Cane Brittle Candy Cane Fudge Caramel Krispie Treats Caramels Carmel Corn Carol's Christmas Treats Chocolate Almond Bars Chocolate Balls Chocolate Billionaires Chocolate Chow Mein Candy Chocolate Covered Cherries Chocolate Covered Nuts Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls Chocolate Covered Pretzels Chocolate Covered Pretzels Chocolate Covered Pretzels Chocolate Nut Caramels Chocolate Popcorn Chocolate Silk Bon Bons Chocolate Truffels Christmas Candied Walnuts Christmas Crackle Candy Christmas Mice Chunky Mallow Candy Cinnamon Hard Candy Cinnamon Popcorn Cranberry Nut Fudge Cream Cheese Candy Creamy Chocolate Truffles Creamy Microwave Pralines (Texas Stye) Crispy peanutbutter balls Dark Chocolate Fudge Deborahe's Holiday Chocolates Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies Dish of Dirt Divinty Dorothy's Peanut Butter/Butterscotch Noodle Cookie Dreamcicle Fudge Easy Candy Easy Divinity Easy Divinity Easy Divinity Candy Easy Fudge Easy Granola Candy Easy Microwave Carmel Easy Microwave Fudge Easy Pecan Logs English Toffee English Toffee English Toffee Bars Fabulous Fudge Fake Brittle Fantasy Fudge Festive Chocolate Truffles Five Minute Fudge Fool-Proof Fudge Frosted Pecans Fudge Brownies Fudge for One Fudge Puddles Georgia Nuggets Grandma Donna's Nummies Grandma F's Delicious Fudge Grandmother' s Holiday Fudge Hard Candy Hard Tack Candy Hazelnut Fantasy Fudge Ho-Ho Hash Holly Confection Honey Comb J & D's Peanut Butter Balls Jeanne's Tiger Butter Jen's Chocolate Meringues J's Cream Fudge Kim's Famous Cashew Brittle Magic Marshmallow Fudge Mama's Fudge Maple Rum Balls Margie's Best Candy Martha Washington Candy Martha Washington Mounds Marzipan Melting Moments Memaw's Reese's Meme's Best Ever Peanut Butter Fudge Meringues Micky's Mints Microwave Peanutbutter fudge Microwave Pralines Milk Fudge Milky Way Bars Million Dollar Fudge Mimi's Famous Fudge Mocha Truffles Mom's Mints Mr. Monroe's Famous Fudge Mrs. Eisenhower's Fudge Never Fail Fudge Never Fail Fudge No Bake Rum Balls No Cook Peanut Butter Fudge No Fail Fudge Novia Scotia Treats Nut Mallow Goodies Nutty North Pole Fudge Orange Balls Orange Glazed Pecans Out Of This World Fudge Oven Carmel Corn Peanut Brittle Peanut Brittle (Microwave) Peanut Butter Balls Peanut Butter Balls Peanut Butter Balls Peanut Butter Bars-An Elve's Favorite Treat Peanut Butter Candy Peanut Butter Cups Peanut Butter Fruit Squares Peanut Butter Fudge Peanut Butter Snowballs Peanut Clusters (microwavable) Peanut Krispies Peanut Patties


monstermash said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to try some of these candy recipes. thanks!

sewpink said...

Thank you so much! Wonderful!!!

Melissa said...

Wow, this looks like fun!

Lorie said...

Holy Smokes! That rocks!

Connie McCallum said...

That is amazing just what I needed. thank you so much.

stacey said...

Now this is fun!

Marci said...

So many to choose from :-)!!!

Kayley said...

this is SO awesome- I can't wait to make some. yummmm!

monstermash said...

Made the peanut butter cups. they turned out great.

sheryl lontok said...

Thank you for sharing your recipes:) You're so nice:)