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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Summer Gardening Tips
Part 1
from HGTV
Did you know...

Some plants need to have their flowers removed in order to keep producing blooms. Here's a list of flowers that need deadheading as well as some that don't. My grandma taught me this when I was a little girl. She called it "pinching back".

You can often prolong bloom by removing spent flowers, but that's not true for all flowering plants. When a flower remains on a plant, the plant's energy is diverted into producing seed, rather than more flowers. Deadheading (removing the spent flower by pinching off or cutting back) is a must for many annuals but not all. With perennials, which generally have a shorter bloom period, deadheading usually isn't necessary but is used just to keep the plant looking tidy.

Plants that need deadheading:

  • daisies
  • daylilies
  • dianthus
  • coreopsis
  • cosmos
  • marigolds
  • geraniums
  • Nemesia
  • pansies
  • petunias (species and older varieties)
  • roses
  • zinnias

Plants that don't need deadheading:

  • angelonia
  • celosida (plume and wheat types)
  • clematis
  • crocosmia
  • lantana
  • melampodium
  • rudbeckia
  • verbena (groundcover types)
  • vinca
  • Wave petunias and other new petunia varieties
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