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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tip - Baby Powder

5 Great Uses for Baby Powder

1. Clean sand off damp skin. Do ocean water and summer humidity have beach sand clinging to you? Sprinkle baby powder on skin to help absorb excess moisture, then simply brush the sand right off.

2. Untangle knots. Usually recognized for its absorbent qualities, powder also works as a light lubricant. Next time you have a tangled necklace or shoelace, sprinkle the knots with a bit of baby powder to help unlock the snarls with ease.

3. Give your dog a dry shampoo. If Fido needs a quick freshening up, sprinkle some baby powder into his fur and rub into the roots. Wait several minutes, allowing the powder a few minutes to absorb any oil, then brush his coat with a doggy comb. (Psst: This works as a quick fix for dog owners, too!)

4. De-squeak floorboards. If your floor boards tend to squeak when you walk over certain areas, sprinkle baby powder between the creaky slats to help cut friction and quiet any noise.

5. Line dish-washing gloves for easy on and off. Love your protective dish-washing gloves but hate how hard it is to slip them on and off? The next time you tackle the dishes, coat your hands with baby powder, which will help prevent the gloves from sticking to your skin.

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Marci said...

Some great ideas!!!

calicocat said...

I love this! I'm bringing baby powder on our next beach trip!

stblooms said...

Awesome tip~

monstermash said...

This is wonderful. I am definitely using this tip!

Nana said...

Baby powder is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Learning makes life sweet.......................................................................

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