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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Tip

New Uses for Nail Polish

1.    Seal an envelope by swiping some clear nail polish along the part you’d usually lick!
via Oh Happy Day

2.    To prevent rust rings in the shower, you can apply clear nail polish to the bottom of the shaving cream can.

3.    Keep ribbons from fraying by painting the ends with clear nail polish. This works for shoelaces and ropes too.

4.    Gives screws extra durability by painting with a coat of polish and allowing to dry before using
5.    A tiny bit of clear nail polish can touch up small dents and scratches on hardwood floors and can help prevent further damage to the area.
6.    Dip the end of a piece of thread into a bottle of clear nail polish for easy needle threading.
via Anne Weaver

7.    Reset loose stones in inexpensive costume jewelry with a coat or two of clear nail polish. This also gives the jewels a little extra sparkle.
8.    Prevent ink from running down your labels by covering with a coat of clear nail polish.

9.    Rustproof your metals by covering them with a clear coat.
10. Prevent jewelry from tarnishing or turning your skin green by painting over it with a clear coat.
11. Get ride of warts. To eliminate warts, cover with clear nail polish. After a week, they’ll be gone. Remember to throw away the polish you have used afterwards to prevent the virus from spreading.
12. Give a glow-in-the-dark effect for remote control buttonsDab some glow-in-the-dark nail polish on the buttons. You’ll never have to worry about pressing the wrong button when it’s dark again.
13. Waterproof your matches. To make sure your matches will work even when they become damp, dip the flammable head in clear nail polish. You’ll be assured to light a cozy campfire.

14.  Fix window screens or shades. A little tear in your window shade will become worse as time passes. Prevent it by sealing the hole with a dab of nail polish. 
  1. Smooth splinters and rough areas on old vintage wood hangers.
  2. Quick fix for most of your adhesive needs! Use it to secure loose glasses screws, reset jewelry stones, or repair small wood chips in furniture or hardwood floors.
  3. Keep small dings or chips in your car from rusting or getting worse by dabbing a small amount of clear nail polish to the affected area.

  4. Secure buttons by putting a dollop of clear polish in the center. This will keep them from ever coming unsewn.
    via leesie bella
  5. Make finding the right key a breeze. Never know which key is which?  Paint a strip or dot with nail polish to color code them.
  6. Keep buttons shiney. If you have a vintage coat or dress with pearl buttons, paint them with a coat of clear polish.

Hope you enjoy this weeks tip


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