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The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since the days of the early American colonies. According to legend, the symbol began with the sea captains of New England who would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside their home to let the community know of their safe return home and to invite friends to visit and share their hospitality.

Likewise, we hope Pineapple Hill Designs boutique will make you feel “Welcome”! We know how important it is to find something special for that certain someone or just the right accessory to complete a room. We believe everyday is a day to celebrate, and we have just the thing to help you create something special out of the ordinary.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Pink and Green Event

Congratulations Kayley and Scott!
Our Big Day, 08/08/08 was beautiful. We are so excited to get the pictures from our photographer, Janna Beecher. She did our wedding on Friday, flew back to Florida to do a wedding Saturday and now this week she and her little family are moving! We don't mind waiting Janna! In the meantime, here are some pictures some friends and family have shared of our "Pink and Green Affair". A dear friend, Sharon Houg, made our cake. Kayley drew what she wanted and Sharon did her design for us. We wanted a "Candy Bar" for the reception. Thanks Holly, for getting this picture for us! We gave all the guests sparklers to light as Kayley and Scott went off for their Honeymoon. They were displayed on a table with an "Advice Jar".
Now I can use one of my apothecary jars to put your names in for the drawing on August 20th.
Hope and I have been writing your names. I'll have little Ella draw the name of our winner. Thanks to all of our sweet customers for sharing this special time with our family!


Sharmain said...


You know me. I have to say I loved the cake.


Allie said...

The candy bar idea is so cute. Those pictures make me want to get married again. What a beautiful day.

blueviolet said...

She's absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful wedding it must have been.

Also, the decorations on the tables are so unique and wonderful. I think that cake is pretty terrific too!


Bunny B said...

Gorgeous bride! Looks like a very lovely event :)

Happy Homemaker said...

Did I read that right? You are the mother of the bride?? You look waaay too young!

What a gorgeous family and what a fabulous wedding!! Love it all! Hopefully you'll have more pictures to share soon!