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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tip AND a Recipe

Buying Potatoes

What to Look For: Buy potatoes that are fairly clean and smooth; firm with no soft spots, nicks, or cracks; and sprout free. Disclaimer: A pretty potato on the outside can have a blackened space in the center called “hollow heart.” It indicates a change in the growth rate. Discard.

The Green Issue: If a potato is exposed to light, a component called solanine builds up and causes a green tinge on the skin. It will taste bitter. Don’t buy a potato with green patches―it has been mishandled. At home, store potatoes in a dark, cool place, such as your pantry. Cut away small areas of green tinge at least 1⁄4 inch below the peel. A potato stored at room temperature lasts one week. Do not store in the refrigerator―the starches turn to sugar. Cleaning: A good rinse and rub with hands is all that’s needed to prep thin-skinned potatoes. Use a soft vegetable brush on thicker skins, such as russets. Sprouts (nicknamed “eyes”) are not poisonous and can usually be rubbed off by hand.

Bacon Potato Salad

Potato Salad Like You've Never Had
SOUTHERN LIVING Ralph Anderson, William Dickey / styling Buffy Hargett, Rose Nguyen / food styling Vanessa McNeil,

Bring a heaping bowl of comfort to your warm-weather table with this terrific potato salad recipe. Though your family favorite may be the traditional mayonnaise-and-sweet pickle variety, try one of this recipe for a fresh twist. Jazz up your presentation by serving this salad in paprika-rimmed glasses. (Simply dip the rims in lemon or lime juice, then into paprika.)

Recipe Here: Bacon Potato Salad

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