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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Tip - 50 fun fall activities

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50 Fun Fall Activities

via Digital Reflections
 There is so much to enjoy about Fall and so many opportunities to create memories, traditions and just have good time.  Here is our list for this Fall, given the number of days from Oct. 1st to Thanksgiving, this is pretty much an activity a day type of list.  Hope you enjoy the list, and check back every so often for more details on the ideas, and photos of our projects.
1.  Take a Nature Walk
2.  Collect leaves, identify, sort and do leaf rubbings.
3.  Make a Fall Tree Centerpiece (crafty crow link to show details).
4.  Make Corn Prints or Apple Prints 
5.  Use items from your nature walk, to create a Fall sensory board/Nature Table.
6.  Visit an Apple Orchard
7.  Collect variety of apples and use for matching, sorting, addition, subtraction.
8.  Make Applesauce from scratch.
9.  Bake apple pies, or apple cakes and deliver to somone who is under the weather, or in need of some cheering up.
10.  Make homeade apple cider, package up dry ingredients for gifts for the mail man, librarian, teachers.
12.  Make a pinecone votive.
14.  Go to a Fall Festival.
15.  Go to a Pumpkin Patch. 
16.  Host a Pumkin Carving Party.
17.  Paint Pumpkin faces.
19.  Bake pumpkin pies.
20. Create Pet Rock Pumpkins.
21. Make playdough apples and pumpkins.
22. Make and give away these cute little Apple Yarn Favors.
23. Plan a neighborhood EyeSpy with a list of Fall items.
24. Make a Paint Stick Scarecrow.
25. Go to a farmers market.
26.   Visit a petting zoo.
27.  Knit scarves or hats for a Fall/Winter Clothing Drive.
28.  Participate in a Canned food drive.
29.  Enjoy a Fall Picnic.
30.  Make hand and feet print art and tuck away after the Fall season each year.
31.  Host a Halloween party, complete with costume contest, bobbing for apples, and a cake walk.
32.  Host story time at your house, and pull out your favorite Fall books.
33.  Make your own marshmallows for roasting over a campfire.
34.  Make your own TickTac Toe  and use all sorts of manipulatives found on your various fall outings, from acorns to small leaves, stones, or minipumpkins from the craft store.
35.  Rake a neighbors yard.
37. Dry fruit for snack time.
38.  Make 4 season posters (use a painted hand and wrist for the tree and let the kids paint the scenery and tree according to the season.)
39.  Create a countdown to Thanksgiving calendar.
40.  Make A Thankgiving Tree, and each day have the kids write one thing they are thankful for and on Thanksgiving day, everyone reads the tree and is reminded of all their blessings.
41.  Make a corn husk doll.
42.  Make a plaque with your fall finds.  Ordinary life magic  (a great blog find)
43. Visit a planetarium, read about the seasons and weather patterns and space.
44.  Take a photowalk around your neighborhood and let the kids take photos of the seasonal changes and then create a collage with their photos.
45.  Create beautiful Fall Mixed Media pieces (i love these ideas and this blog is a family favorite).
46.  Visit the library and check out Fall themed books.
47.  Camp Out in your backyard.
49.  Can some jam, veggies, sauces to store up for the winter (introduce your children to hibernation and get some books on animal habitats.)
50.  Do one thing each day that relates to the season, bake bread, take a walk, enjoy the crisp air, read a Fall related book, everyday is an opportunity to create memories, spark creativity and enjoy the treasure that life is.

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Dottie said...

Great ideas!

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always love your tips

Ann Marie said...

I LOVE your list!
I am going to make it a goal to soe of these things this month with my kiddos. :)

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Great ideas!

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love all these ideas