Why Pineapple Hill?

The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since the days of the early American colonies. According to legend, the symbol began with the sea captains of New England who would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside their home to let the community know of their safe return home and to invite friends to visit and share their hospitality.

Likewise, we hope Pineapple Hill Designs boutique will make you feel “Welcome”! We know how important it is to find something special for that certain someone or just the right accessory to complete a room. We believe everyday is a day to celebrate, and we have just the thing to help you create something special out of the ordinary.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Preppy Plates

We are so excited about our new line!
Preppy PlatesThese are the CUTEST, PERSONALIZED, melamine plates available! They're fun and sophisticated all at the same time! Preppy Plates has done such a great job creating the most unique backgrounds and the ability for you to create a plate that fits your style! Whether it be for your table, picnics, tailgating,
Preppy Plate's
personalized melamine plates will make your table the preppiest table in town! I absolutely LOVE THEM & hope you do too.

We are busy adding the whole line. It's wonderful!

Coming soon:

  • Bowls
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Pet Bowls and Mats
  • Personalized Puzzles
  • Trays
  • Tumblers
  • Platters


Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

ADORABLE!! I love these! I may have to have some!

stacey said...

Those are the cutest ever! I want some:)

monstermash said...

I love these Preppy Plates!!!!

Marci said...

I absolutely love them too!

Peace, L♥ve& Applesauce said...

I adore the plates! I'm waiting on an order I just designed to come in any day now!
I've been looking for the lunchboxes for wholesale ALL OVER.. people sure don't like to share that info! I can't wait to see yours! I've been holding out on ordering one for my son but with him starting school next week, I need to get on the ball & get him one.

Nana said...

What great plates!!!! I love em.

dreamit said...

Love your new plates!!!!

Dottie said...

I'm so excited about the plates and can't wait to see the other things.

Peace L♥ve Applesauce said...

I keep hearing about Home Goods..?
What in the world is this magical place & how can I get one in Memphis?? HAHA!

sewpink said...

These plates are wonderful. I love the designs.

stblooms said...

I am so in love with these plates. They are adorable!