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Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year-Fresh Start

Don't you just love the beginning of the new year.
The simple thought of a New Beginning and a Fresh Start is so rejuvenating. It's a great time to get into a Spring Cleaning mode with habits, attitudes and of course the home and office. January is a great time to organize your pantry, closets and cabinets. Shelters are always in big need in the winter months. The public schools and pre-schools can usually use donations for art classes, etc.
I love using baskets and containers to keep things in order.
My daughter just got a label maker for Christmas and told me she doesn't know what she did before she had it. Check out these free labels from Style Guide.
They're perfect for baking goods and come in three pretty colors!

Pretty in pink, this precious trio of flowerpots with matching tray is adorable for a little girl's nursery. A witty way to hold cotton balls, Q-tips and little knick knacks! Dressing your baby and locating clothes as you need them can be made easier. Start with an organizing system based on interchangeable modular units such as boxes, baskets, and sacks. Martha Stewart Kids-2001
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These are a few of our favorite "Organizational Inspiration" Spots:


sewpink said...

Great ideas. I heart those pink flower pots. I love using baskets to. You have some great ones!

Marci said...

Kayley got the label maker? What does she label? I love all your baskets too!

dreamit said...

I love using baskets and containers to organize. I just got a label maker too.

monstermash said...

I heart those little pink pots! I

monstermash said...

Those are some great links. Thanks! I love the baskets in your store.

stacey said...

Thanks for the great ideas!